Friday, May 22, 2009

Ever Since....

I have always loved beautiful things, especially jewelry. Growing up I loved anything art: drawing, painting, pottery, photography..beading. As I got older however, I soon became distracted with 'real world' responsibilities & forgot my passion. I went away to college & decided that I needed a real career and never thought I could make money as an 'Artist'. I continued to work through college and finally graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, deciding I wanted to be a therapist when I grew up:) After my college days I worked with adults with developmental disabilities & now as an addictions counselor for the state. Needless to say my creative, carefree self was quickly slipping away from me. I have been working in the field now for almost 5 years and really do enjoy counseling. I am pursuing my Master's degree and working two jobs. Although, something was missing, and part of me just wasn't satisfied until January of this year when I decided to take a trip down to South Carolina to visit with some family there. My Aunt has always always been an inspiration to me as she never lost her love for the art's, she practiced as a teacher for many years & has her own studio where she makes her lovely creations. When I went to visit with her a few months ago, it really got my creative blood flowing again. Seeing the items she was working on and visiting beautiful galleries in Asheville, NC just made me think "I can do that"..."I want to do that". So when I got home that is what I did, and I have been enjoying the art of making jewelry ever since (only a few months now). I have taught myself little by little & have so much more to learn, but that is the fun of it...the possibilities are endless!!


  1. Great to hear that you are coming back to what you love...good luck!

  2. Good for you! I think everyone needs to find a way to incorporate their passions in their everyday life to be happy.

  3. Ode to new blogger!
    I follow you with such hope!

  4. Congrats. on a very nice blog!! I enjoyed reading it and I think it's great that you're following your creative side too! Best Wishes!!

  5. What a lovely post! Best of luck to you with your new found passions!

  6. So glad to read that you are finally following your dream. Keep it up, your pieces are beautiful and so is your blog. Here's to the dreamers!

  7. OMG! our paths are so similar - I've been a marriage and family therapist for 10 years now and making jewelry brings me the balance that I SO needed! love your blog and am following you - come on over and visit me sometime:

  8. Welcome welcome! Your jewelry are beautiful :) love those gems! I am glad we share the same passion :)


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